Casinoshop Stock Update

24 October 2016 continue to build on their extensive range of playing cards.   

At we strive to cater for all our customers requests including magicians, poker players and specialist collectors.  We have also replenished our favourites including the ever popular Arch Angel cards all which have served to impress our specialist followers and our magicians.  Take the time to have a look over our new products which you will see appearing online over the coming days.  


As always if you require any items which are not stocked please feel free to send us an email with your requests to  


Playing cards (15/11/2016 13/12/2017 22:03:00)
Hey keith i absolutely love cards and id like if you could stock on some more theory 11 decks and also ellusionist has some really nice playing cards and it seems you sell cards cheaper than the producers so it would be nice if i didnt have to pay shipping and even if you sold them the same price as the site id like it because there's less a wait and no huge shipping costs though ellusionist has flat rate shipping 9$ but if you could bring one from each site please bring Theory11 monarchs and Ellusionist monarchs thanks

Maitiu - Ireland
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